I enjoy reading about the history of jars and seeing what others are doing in the hobby. As I get time I will expand the magazine listings to include article titles. Please contact me if you would like for me to look up information contained in these volumes. I am very willing to share information.

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  1. Australian Fruit Jars, 1979, by Susan Sieling
  2. Australian Preserving and Storage Jars Pre-1920, 1983, by Ken Arnold
  3. Ball Aerospace Systems Division - 1957 - 1982 - 25 Years of Achievement, 1982, by Ball Corp., hardback, 304 pages.
  4. Ball Corporation The First Century, 1980, by Frederic Birmingham
  5. Beginner's Book Collecting Jars and Bottles for Fun and Money, 1966, by Hazel Ballou, Kaylen Alley
  6. Bottle Identification, 1965, by H.E. Putnam
  7. Bottles In Australian Collections, by James A. Lerk
  8. Bottle Makers and Their Marks, reprint of 1971 edition, by Julian Toulouse
  9. (Burris) An Illustrated Guide for Collecting Fruit Jars (this is "Book No. 1"), no date - probably 1966, by Ron Burris
  10. (Burris) Collecting Fruit Jars, Book No. 2, 1967, by Ron Burris
  11. (Burris) More Collectable Jars, Book No. 3, 1968, by Ron Burris
  12. (Burris) Rare and Unusual Fruit Jars, Book No. 4, 1970, by Ron Burris
  13. A Century of Antique Canadian Glass Fruit Jars, 1971, by Douglas and Marion Bird and Charles Corke
  14. Canadian Fruit Jar Report, 1977, by John Barclay
  15. Canadian Fruit Jar Report, Book 2, 1986, by John Barclay
  16. Canister to Kerr, 1971, with price guide suppplement, by Arleta Rodrigues
  17. The Canning Corner, 1974, by Judi Mondock and Lorin Buckner
  18. What is Worth Looking for in Canadian Sealers, 1973, by Harry Milligan
  19. Canning Jars of Canada, (1975, 1st edition), by Harry Milligan
  20. Canning Jars of Canada, 1991, 3rd edition, by Harry Milligan
  21. Collector's Encyclopedia of Muncie Pottery, 1999, by Jon Rans and Mark Eckelman
  22. Collector's Guide to Ball Jars, 1975, by William Brantley, in original cardboard shipping mailer
  23. Collector's Guide to Civil War Period Bottles and Jars, 1988, by Mike Russell
  24. Collector's Manual Fruit Jars, Hard Back, Dust Jacket, 1st edition, 1969, by Julian Toulouse
  25. Collector's Manual Fruit Jars with Prices, Paperback, 1977, by Julian Toulouse
  26. Comprehensive Index to the 1973-1991 Issues of the Fruit Jar Newsletter, 1991, by Dick Roller
  27. Cresrod Blue Book of Fruit Jars, 1969, by Arleta Rodrigues, Alice Creswick
  28. Facts About Fruit Jars, 196?, by Joe C. Huffman
  29. From Fruit Jars to Satellites - The Story of Ball Brothers Co., 1960, by Edmund Ball
  30. From Great Aunt May's Cellar, 1967, by Arleta Rodrigues, Alice Creswick
  31. Fruit Jar Annual, 1996, by Jerry McCann (note: this is the first of the series)
  32. Fruit Jar Annual, 1997, by Jerry McCann
  33. Fruit Jar Annual, 1998, by Jerry McCann
  34. Fruit Jar Annual, 1999, by Jerry McCann
  35. Fruit Jar Annual, 2000, by Jerry McCann
  36. Fruit Jar Annual, 2001, by Jerry McCann
  37. Fruit Jar Annual, 2002, by Jerry McCann
  38. Fruit Jar Annual, 2003, by Jerry McCann
  39. Fruit Jar Annual, 2004, by Jerry McCann
  40. Fruit Jar Annual, 2005, by Jerry McCann
  41. Fruit Jar Annual, 2006, by Jerry McCann
  42. Fruit Jar Annual, 2007, by Jerry McCann
  43. Fruit Jar Annual, 2008, by Jerry McCann
  44. Fruit Jar Annual, 2009, by Jerry McCann
  45. Fruit Jar Annual, 2010, by Jerry McCann
  46. Fruit Jar Annual, 2011, by Jerry McCann
  47. Fruit Jar Annual, 2012/13, by Jerry McCann
  48. Fruit Jar Annual, 2014, by Jerry McCann
  49. Fruit Jar Annual, 2015, by Jerry McCann
  50. Fruit Jar Annual, 2016, by Jerry McCann
  51. Fruit Jar Annual, 2017, by Jerry McCann
  52. Fruit Jar Annual, 2018, by Jerry McCann
  53. Fruit Jar Annual, 2019, by Jerry McCann
  54. Fruit Jar Annual, 2020, by Jerry McCann
  55. Fruit Jars Canister to Kerr, 1971, Arleta Rodrigues
  56. Fruit Jar Manual and Price Guide, 1973, by Frank Peters
  57. Fruit Jar Manual and Price Guide, 1988, by Frank Peters
  58. Fruit Jar Patents, Vol. 1 Book 1, 1853 - 1864, by Dick Roller
  59. Fruit Jar Patents, Vol. 1 Book 2, 1865 - 1869, by Dick Roller
  60. Fruit Jar Patents, Vol. 2 Book 1, 1870 - 1884, by Dick Roller
  61. Fruit Jar Patents, Vol. 2 Book 2, 1885 - 1899, by Dick Roller
  62. Fruit Jar Patents, Vol. 3, 1900 - 1942, by Dick Roller
  63. Fruit Jar Works, Vol. 1, Hard Back, Dust Jacket, 1987, by Alice Creswick
  64. Fruit Jar Works, Vol. 2, Hard Back, Dust Jacket, 1987, by Alice Creswick
  65. Fruit Jar Works, Vol. 1, Hard Back, 1995, by Douglas Leybourne Jr.
  66. Fruit Jar Works, Vol. 2, Hard Back, 1995, by Douglas Leybourne Jr.
  67. Granny Kath's Kitchen, Vol. 1 The 70's, by Vivian Kath
  68. Granny Kath's Kitchen, Vol. 2 The 80's, by Vivian Kath
  69. Granny Kath's Kitchen, Vol. 3 The 90's, by Vivian Kath
  70. Granny Kath's Kitchen, CD-ROM, Version 2.0
  71. Harvest Fruit Jar Finders Price Guide, 1969, by Harvest Publishing Co.
  72. Harvest 2nd Fruit Jar Finders Price Guide, 1970, by Harvest Publishing Co.
  73. Harvest 3rd Fruit Jar Finders Price Guide, 1972, by Harvest Publishing Co.
  74. Hemingray Glass Co. - A Colorful History, 1998, by Clarice Gordon
  75. History of Fruit Jars, 1966, by R.A. Clifford
  76. Illinois Glass Co. Bottles Catalog, Hard Back, 1911
  77. Improved Fruit Jar Guide, 1969, by Robert Martin
  78. Indiana Glass Factories Notes, 1994, by Dick Roller
  79. Ketchups, Pickles, Sauces, 1980, by Betty Zumwalt
  80. Kitchen Cupboard (Fruit Jar Price Guide), 1967, with Supplement (1970), by Art and Jewel Umberger
  81. Label Made Me Buy It, 1998, by Ralph and Terry Kovel
  82. Label Space The Book, 1997, by Tom Caniff
  83. Muncie Glass Factories, reprinted in 2004, Charles Williams
  84. Old Fruit Jar Current Price Book No. 1, 1969?, E&O Publishers
  85. One Thousand Fruit Jars, (1st edition), 1970, by Bill Schroeder
  86. One Thousand Fruit Jars, 2nd Edition Revised, 1972, by Bill Schroeder
  87. One Thousand Fruit Jars, 4th Edition Revised, 1976, by Bill Schroeder
  88. One Thousand Fruit Jars, 5th Edition, by Bill Schroeder
  89. One Thousand Fruit Jars, 5th Edition Revised, 1996, by Bill Schroeder
  90. Patents, 1970, by Ralph Bond
  91. Recollections of Lucina Ball: The Best Years, 1986, by Lucina Ball Moxley
  92. Red Book (1), Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, 1970, by Alice Creswick
  93. Red Book 2, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, 1973, by Alice Creswick
  94. Red Book 3, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, 1978, by Alice Creswick
  95. Red Book 4, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, by Alice Creswick
  96. Red Book 5, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, 1986, by Alice Creswick
  97. Red Book 6, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, 1990, by Alice Creswick
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  99. Red Book 8, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, 1997, by Douglas Leybourne Jr.
  100. Red Book 9, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, 2001, by Douglas Leybourne Jr.
  101. Red Book 10, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit jars, 2007, by Douglas Leybourned Jr.
  102. Red Book 11, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit jars, 2011, by Douglas Leybourned Jr.
  103. Red Book 12, Collector's Guide to Old Fruit jars, 2018, by Douglas Leybourned Jr.
  104. Rings N Things II, 1996, by Keri Wetzel
  105. Rings N Things III, 2007, by Tammy Johnson
  106. Southern Illustrated Fruit Jar Guide, 1968, by K.D. Clothier
  107. Speas Vinegar Bottles, Jars, Jugs, Etc., 1994, by Douglas Hollandsworth
  108. Speas Vinegar 2 Bottles, Jars, Jugs, Etc., 1999, by Douglas Hollandsworth
  109. Standard Fruit Jar Reference, Hard Back, Dust Jacket, 1983, by Dick Roller
  110. Standard Fruit Jar Reference (Price Guide For The), Supplement, 1988, by Dick Roller
  111. Webb's Book on Fruit Jars and Their Relatives, 19??, by Verlon Webb


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